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My name is Audrey and I am a mom.  I am also an artist, teacher, vegetarian, and pretty decent cook.  Ever since I was little, I always loved cooking, mainly because I love eating and my curiosity always led me into the kitchen to figure out how my grandma made everything.  Growing up in South Texas, I always ate really yummy homemade food that was usually wrapped in a tortilla and doused with chile and lime.  As I grew up I became more conscious of the ingredients going into my food especially because everyone in my family seemed to be becoming diabetic.  Eventually I stopped eating many of the things readily available around me and became a vegetarian.  I can go vegan and do at times, but my love for cheese keeps me from giving it up forever.

I started chile y Limon as a way to share my cooking adventures with others.  Though I am not very fond of measuring cups, I think I am getting the hang of documenting my recipes.  My recipes are meant to be simple enough for most, packed with veggies, kid and man approved, and made of fresh local ingredients as much as possible.
Thank your for taking time to learn a little about me and I hope you enjoy my cooking.
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